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Re: System freeze recovery

On Wednesday 23 May 2007, debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org wrote:
> Quote from "Debian Reference"
> "8.5.2 Alt-SysRq
> Insurance against system malfunction is provided by the kernel compile
> option "Magic SysRq key". Pressing Alt-SysRq on an i386, followed by one
> of the keys r 0 k e i s u b, does the magic.
> Un`r'aw restores the keyboard after things like X crashes. Changing the
> console loglevel to `0' reduces error messages. sa`k' (system attention
> key) kills all processes on the current virtual console. t`e'rminate
> kills all processes on the current terminal except init. k`i'll kills
> all processes except init.
> `S'ync, `u'mount, and re`b'oot are for getting out of really bad
> situations.
> Debian default installation kernels are not compiled with this option at
> the time this document is written. Recompile the kernel to activate this
> function."

I have this compiled into my kernels. Do not know why it got selected and 
never knew what it was until now. Try it the next time!

Thanks for the info.

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