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Re: Icedove

Ron Johnson wrote:
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On 05/22/07 12:36, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
On Tue, May 22, 2007 at 11:17:36AM -0600, Art Edwards wrote:
Icedove/testing appears to be seriously broken. There was a post about downgrading to icedove/stable. However, I got a segfault when I tried that. I would suggest that certain core applications have more rigorous requirements placed on them before the get into testing. I know that there are all kinds of warnings, but
the (much) longer intervals between stable releases means many rely on testing for hardware compatibility.
yours is at least the second icedove related mail today. Have you
reported a bug? That is the purpose of testing -- to highlight bugs so
they can be fixed.
It is certainly not an *obligation* of those running testing to report
bugs, but if they don't then the package will end up broken in the
next stable. This, of course, is supposed to happen in unstable as
well, to keep the number of bugs in testing down, but obviously no one
running unstable has run in to this problem in time to keep the bug
from propogating into testing.

I just upgraded to 2.0.0-3 and it failed miserably, with a blank
screen.  Fortunately, apt-listbugs mentioned that this is a known
grave bug.

So I purged it and dpkg installed v1.5.0.10.dfsg1-3 which I'm now
writing this from.

I had no icon (still haven't) and no profile. I purged and reinstalled and apart from the missing icon, it seems to work. It picked
up the old .mozilla-thunderbird profile, which fortunately hadn't been


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