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ssh X forwarding and iceweasel

Hi, I've been playing with X forwarding and ssh and run across an
interesting phenomenon, maybe you guys can help.

First off, x-forwarding is working fine and many X programs forward
with ease (love it!).

I've tried various permutations of iceweasel command lines to launch
my remote iceweasel on the local display (to use bookmarks and stored
passwords, etc). 

With an iceweasel running remotely, this doesn't work
as I get the "Iceweasel is already running, but not responding..."
dialog on the local display. 

So I killed the remote iceweasel and then re-ran it from inside ssh
and it works fine -- I've got my sid iceweasel displaying on my wifes
etch box. 

And I can run "iceweasel -new-window" just fine and pull up
another window. 

But if I attach my screen session from the remote box and try to run
iceweasel there it appears to hang, but in actuality, it is displaying
the "iceweasel already running" dialog on the remote screen. If I add
a --display=localhost:10.0 then I get that same dialog locally.  So
that sort of makes sense because screen was originally run on the
remote machine. within a shell in screen, $DISPLAY=:0.0. within the
plain ssh -X session $DISPLAY=localhost:10.0.

Now here is the question -- can I split the iceweasel session across
different displays, or if not, how can I run more than 1 iceweasel
session simultaneously. I've tried -no-remote with no luck. 


ps. I know: "why would you want to do that?!" because maybe I can? :)

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