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Re: why linux?

George N. White III wrote:
On Mon, 21 May 2007, S C wrote:

For months now I have been trying to make Debian behave like a real OS. However, I still cannot print, format/initialize a new cd or use one to back up files, get the sound working, watch a movie or read images from my digital camera.

Please post your hardware configuration and the specific problems you are having. Details usually help far more than rants do when it comes to solving problems. :-)

With Windows all this was simple. I downloaded the relevant program, set it up and it worked. Windows is supposed to be devilspawn and doomed, and maybe it is. It does, however, have one saving grace; it works. It works without expecting me to become a systems engineer.

With the exception of video games, my personal experience has been that a lot more things work "out of the box" under Debian than they do under Windows. And with programs such as Cedega, even video games are becoming more compatible.

If you don't want to be ignored, you could try a commercial distribution.
Debian is mainly supported by the user community -- nobody gets fired
for ignoring complaints.

Have you tried Ubuntu?


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