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Re: keeping ooffice in foreground

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On 05/21/07 01:21, Lubos Vrbka wrote:
> hi guys,
> is there any way how to force ooffice, oocalc, oowriter, ... not to go
> into background? when i issue soffice, it works exactly this way, but i
> would like to have it (if possible) for oo* as well.
> why do i need it? i have openoffice installed in chroot (this is amd64
> system). oo* apps are started automatically using a wrapper running
> schroot with relevant parameters.

AMD64 has had a native OOo2 build for *quite* some time.  Why are
you still using a chrooted 32-bit build?

> i use schroot with automated bindmounting of /home, /tmp, and others
> after the chroot is entered. these directories should be unmounted after
> the chroot is left. the problem is, that ooffice goes to background
> automatically. therefore, schroot wants to exit and unmount the
> bindmounted directories. this is, however, not possible, because these
> are used by the oo* binary running in background... then, i have the
> directories bindmounted several times and have to unmount them
> personally (which is annoying).
> i would be very glad for any hints how to accomplish this.
> best regards,

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