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Re: Changing screens

On Sun, May 20, 2007 at 08:38:25PM +0200, Matthias Brennwald wrote:
> Dear all
> I've got a laptop (Apple PowerBook G4) that I use both at home and on 
> the road (with Debian Etch installed). At home, the laptop is connected 
> to an external screen, with the laptop closed (so, at home, I don't use 
> the laptops own screen). The two screens have different resolutions 
> (laptop screen: 1440 x 1024, external screen at home: 1280 x 1024).
> The problem is that Debian uses the same screen resolution for both 
> screens, wich I find annoying (it uses 1440 x 1024, which means that the 
> image is larger than what fits on my external screen). How can I make 
> Debain use the appropriate screen size? Do I have to set it manually or 
> is there a way to adjust the screen size automatically?

If there is some surefire way to tell which monitor is connected, then
it should be a simple matter to restart X with a script that checks
which monitor you're using and points to the appropriate xorg.conf
(or even changes the file directly (not recommened)). 

If monitor detection is not really possible (I personally wouldn't
know how to do it) then a simple script could be used to change a
symlink to point to the appropriate xorg.conf. then an /etc/init.d/*dm
restart would fix you right up. 

there are many solutions but essentially you have to set up some
situation where you can put different xorg.conf's in place as needed. 


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