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Re: Burning files to a CD with K3b

"Eric A. Bonney" <mailinglists@vanhlebarsoftware.com> wrote:
> Is there anyway to get K3b to allow you to write files to the CD
> from a network drive? In order to burn any files to a cd I first
> have to copy them to my local drive then copy them over. Any
> ideas or help?

This is just a random shot in the dark that may or may not work,
but have you tried using symlinks (ln -s /path/to/realfile.ogg
/path/to/symlink.ogg) instead of copying the files? That may be
enough to fool K3B into thinking they're local, or it might not.
Anyway, that's probably not the solution you're looking for, but if
worse comes to worst you could give it a shot.

Good luck,

Pay toll ahead.

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