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Re: Connect to Internet through

On Friday 18 May 2007 04:26, rocky wrote:
> On May 17, 11:10 am, pinniped <cirilo_berna...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > You would have to explain your setup more or we might give you all the
> > wrong advice.  For example: 1. Are you getting internet access through
> > 'cable' (which requires a cable modem, probably built into the cable TV
> > receiver) OR 2. Is your internet via ADSL, in which case you have an ADSL
> > modem and the telephone line plugs into it. OR 3. Are you using a dial-up
> > modem?
> > 4. Will you only attach 1 machine at a time or will you connect several
> > at once? If you are connecting several, how are you sharing the
> > connection?
> >
> > If you are using a dial-up modem and it is an external modem, this is
> > fully supported in Debian and you will have the option to configure this
> > at install time. If you use dial-up with an internal modem then you
> > probably cannot access the system via Linux because most internal modems
> > are 'software modems' and most software modems have no Linux support.
> > (The manufacturers seem to have an endless list of really stupid
> > excuses.)
> >
> > If you have an ethernet cable running from your computer to the Cable or
> > ADSL modem, then the tool to configure the system is 'pppoeconf'.

> Hey pinniped,
> Thank you very much for your reply! I do appreciate it. Wow, there are
> so many things regarding to net work! Anyway, I will try to describe
> my desired set up more.
> Right now on my laptop the Windows XP is running. On the laptop I can
> get onto internet simply by plug the cable provided by my ISP(no
> static IP is provided) in to the jack and input the ISP giving
> username and password in dial-up connection. I think it is not ADSL
> since I do not even have a telephone line in my flat. My laptop is
> DELL Inspiron 2200 and has NIC embeted in. I do not use an external
> modem as well. What is ethernet cable? do you mean the NIC?
> I will try to install Debian sarge(stable) in my old PC to learn Linux
> shell scripting , Server related technologies and networking skills. I
> will try to set up the old PC  server as router and make my home
> computers get the internet access through it. My another question is
> if I set up firewall system in the old PC, does this set up spare my
> home-windows-computers from virus?
> Thanks a lot in advance!
> Rocky

Hi Rocky. I've no real help to offer, but could you confirm that you are 
talking about a cable connection to your ISP. You say you have no telephone, 
so obviously are not using a dialup connection by means of a serial modem, 
and neither are you using ADSL (broadband) over a telephone line.

I found this networking guide a while back, perhaps the link was posted to a 
list, but it has loads of really usefull networking info.


You probably know this, but when you get your Debian install done, (and by the 
way, stable is now Etch) install the package "absguide". It's really good for 
learning shellscripting, and has loads of example scripts.

Regarding Windows, and viruses. This is very much in the hands of the user. If 
the user opens attachments in emails, or goes to dodgy websites, and clicks 
on links, no firewall is going to stop that, and often AV only tells you that 
you *have* a virus, trojan, or some other malware. Then you have to try and 
get rid of it.  I only ever boot up XP to update the third party security 
stuff. I no longer use it as an OS, but when I did, I installed a security 
app called processguard, which is supposed to stop stuff being installed 
without your permission, and it seems to work well.

This is no plug for the product, but as we see many folks using both linux, 
and that other OS, the link to the site is below.


All the best.


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