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Re: Where do you get beaver?

Deboo ^ wrote:
On 5/18/07, Kevin Mark <kevin.mark@verizon.net> wrote:
There are two ways to cut and paste, using the control-c and control-v
and using 'select' and  'middle-click'. The latter should work. The
former as far as I know does not work because it doesnt interact with
the x clipboard.

Both the methods do not work. I tried to paste some code from an email
(using firefox) in to even ted but there also both Ctrl-v or Middle
mouse button paste the text I had copied usign the mouse button
This is not a problem with your editor, or Firefox IMHO. There must be something more globally wrong than that. I ALWAYS use the select and middle mouse method and it ALWAYS works. I copy things from Firefox that way all the time.

Marc Shapiro

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