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Re: list running applications

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On 05/17/07 08:15, BartlebyScrivener wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been play with the ps command and trying various options. Is
> there an option combo that will show me just the running applications:
> firefox, gvim, mutt, etc? Or another Linux command that will show me
> just the applications I have opened in various terminals? I'm looking
> for the equivalent of what you get on Windows XP when you triple
> finger and select the applications tab instead of the processes tab.

Interesting question.  I don't think Linux/Unix systems "think"
about things like that.  After all, there are so many daemons
running.  Are daemons considered applications?

One command that comes close, if you have a wide screen, is this in
an xterm:

$ ps au --forest

> Oh, using fluxbox for a window manager, if that matters, but I also
> know gnome pretty well.

No, not really.

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