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Re: how to disable XEmacs font-lock-mode?

On 5/16/07, Russell L. Harris <rlharris@oplink.net> wrote:
How can I disable font-lock-mode in Emacs (actually XEmacs)?

It appears that, upon seeing the first line of a Perl script:


Emacs sets font-lock-mode.

But I do not wish to use font-lock mode when working with Perl
scripts.  I am editing a number of short Perl scripts, and I do not
wish to go through the routine:

   M-x font-lock-mode

to toggle off font-lock-mode each time I load a script for editing.

The easy way:

M-x customize-group<Return>font-lock<Return>

See "Font Lock Global Modes" in that customization group.  Use it to
turn off font-lock for perl-mode.

Note: I've checked this out in emacs only.  Probably is the same way
in XEmacs too.


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