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Re: Oh-NOOOOS: Microsoft says "Linux" infringes 235 of its Patents.

David Baron wrote:
On Monday 14 May 2007, debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org wrote:
Pretty much as expected, *IT* is going to use more Patent FUD to try to
kill Linux.


But then, PJ at Groklaw is a bit pessimistic.


Come on, when will Microsoft actually come clean and tell us *WHAT* 235

List Please.
Microsoft's business practices have always been based on lying and being
all around deceitful. I would just take what they say with a grain of
salt if I were you, because with the failure of Vista all I can see is
Microsoft trying to bring down GNU/Linux with it.

Now there must be a reason why Microsoft browbeat and legally harrassed Robertson until he gave up the name "Lindows". Certainly.

It is the same old story. The guy with the most money wins.

MS took Robertson to court and he couldn't afford to fight
them, even if he could have won.

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