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Re: [Fwd: Re: [OT] Good, evil and religion [WAS] Re: A way to compile 3rd party modules into deb system?]

Ron Johnson wrote:
In the mainstream, traditional Western religions, God is described as
How many mainstream, traditional Western religions are there besides

With all the hatred that has been cast upon Judaism over the past
2000 years, calling it "mainstream" is, sadly, debatable.

Gee... I thought Western Civilization was considered Judeo-Christian - the Judeo in there refers to Judaism.

Since when did being hated disqualify a religion from being mainstream? The Irish Protestants and Catholics certainly have no love lost between them - but both are considered "mainstream." And when you get outside the Western world, there's not a lot of love lost between Hindus and Muslims - but both are pretty mainstream (depending on where you are).

Arguably, Unitarian-Universalism is also mainstream,
Certainly here in New England, where pretty much all of the original Puritan churches are now either UU or Congregationalist. Probably half the "First Parishes" in New England are UU. Catholics are comparative newcomers, and let's not get started on the Mormons.

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