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Re: no blanking on consoles

On 05/10/2007 07:44 AM, Loic Le Loarer wrote:

I have several servers which VGA output is connected to the same screen
by a VGA switch (a KVM). If I want to let the screen go in standby mode,
I just connect it to an unplugged KVM input or switch it off manually.
So I don't have any interes in console automatic blanking activated by
default. Moreover, if a machine crashes, I'd like to see the last kernel
messages on the console, (which are often not written to disk) so that I
can debug the problem, but the console blanking prevent me to see those

I have found a way to remove the console blanking, it is enough to run
the command "setterm -blank 0" on the console after each reboot, which
necessitate to log in the machine.

My question is: is there an easier way to configure the console options
at boot time ? (something like running setterm with the wanted options
at boot time on each virtual console). I haven't found any configuration
file which can be used for this, even after extensive reading of
terminfo documentation, console-data and related packages...

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards.

You can set the console blanking options in an init script (/etc/init.d/*). On my Etch system, that seems to create a global setting for all VCs.

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