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Re: Is it Java or is it Iceweasel?

I appreciate the help and the effort, but come on people!

- I *am* running Iceweasel/FireFox.

- These web sites work *on*all*other*systems* I have accessed
 them from, and have done so for weeks, months, and years. It has
 to be a problem with Debian, Iceweasel, their implementation
 of JavaScript, or some strange config option on my system.

- These are *big*corps* with 1000s of users/customers. If it
 were a problem on their side I think they would have
 found and fixed it by now. Esp. since in one case the problem
 prevents logins.

The only other browsers I have found that I can install here
are Opera and Amaya.

Opera fails at startup with a floating point exception.

Amaya just doesn't support javascript.

Anything else I have found that might be installable is
mozilla based so probably not worth the effort.

Any more suggestions?

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