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Re: Not solved)Re: how to remove a module in the boot process

Oh, I use sarge, which defaults to kernel 2.4
It seems I can't use initramfs

--- Wayne Topa <linuxone@intergate.com> wrote:

> Serena Cantor(qipaishi2006@yahoo.com) is reported to have said:
> > can't run update-initramfs
> > which package contains it?
> > 
> maybe the initramfs-tools package
> Description: tools for generating an initramfs
>  This package contains tools to create and boot an initramfs for packaged 2.6
>  Linux kernel. The initramfs is a gzipped cpio archive. At boot time, the
>  kernel unpacks that archive into RAM, mounts and uses it as initial root file
>  system. The mounting of the real root file system occurs in early user space.
>  klibc provides utilities to setup root. Having the root on EVMS, MD, LVM2,
>  LUKS or NFS is also supported.
>  Any boot loader with initrd support is able to load an initramfs archive.
> Wayne
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