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Re: try vlc player instead

On Thu, May 03, 2007 at 07:32:33AM +0200, hildebrand_us wrote:
> I don't see why 32-bit programs and codecs should not work on a 64-bit 
> machine. Although I would suggest you to try vlc player now available in 
> Debian etch. It has codecs for all the files I have ever used. mplayer is 
> also there but i have not tried it. 

you do realise that when you post into the debian-user portion of
debianhelp.org your message is also sent to the debian-user mailing
list, don't you? 

that means that several hundred people have just
recieved the above email from you with *NO* idea what you're talking
about. You have completely left out the context of this message and
changed the subject line, so that while it may look fine on the
debianhelp.org forums, it is completely useless on the debian-user
mailing list.

Incidentally, the posts coming from that forum also
break threading so that mail programs do not properly group the
messages together. This puts a further burden on you, as a user of
debianhelp.org, to include proper context, and perhaps using the
original subject line so that the hundreds of us over here can figure
out what the heck is going on.  

Please remember, when using the debianhelp.org gateway to the
debian-user *mailing list*, you should quote the message you are
responding to so that we can see what the heck you are talking about. 



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