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Re: Dangers of "stable" in sources.list

also sprach Martin Marcher <martin.marcher@gmail.com> [2007.05.03.1217 +0200]:
> So what are the hints wether to use stable the actual name or not?

From my book:

  … and the \release{stable} and \release{testing} symlinks changed
  to point to the next release generation. For this reason, it is
  advisable to hardcode the release codename in
  \file{/etc/apt/sources.list}, rather than its canonical name.
  Specifically, for a \codename{sarge} system, I recommend changing
  all occurrences of ``stable'' with ``sarge.'' While Debian release
  is unlikely to catch you off-guard, using the code names for the
  \programme{\ac{APT}} archive allows an upgrade to the next
  official release on your own schedule, and not when the symlinks
  in the archive change. When the next release follows, all you need
  to do is replace ``sarge'' with ``etch'' and then
  \command{dist-upgrade} as usual (see \cref{apt-upgrades}).

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