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Re: where is the w32codecs for amd64 testing?

On Tue, May 01, 2007 at 10:06:53PM +0200, Joe Hart wrote:
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> Raphael wrote:
> > Dear Users,
> > 
> > The last time I googled a lot for w32codecs-package for mplayer. But, I
> > can't find them for amd64 system (debian testing).
> > 
> > Is it still there, but I'm too stupid to find it, or changed something I
> > don't realised?
> > 
> > Thanks for any ideas...
> There is no such thing.  You'd need the w64codecs, which afaik, do not
> exist.  The only option for installing the codecs you seek are to do a
> chroot to a 32 bit system.  Sorry to burst your bubble.
Someone recently noted on a german mailinglist (don't remember which one)
that nowdays most of those codecs are implemented in ffmpeg which in turn
makes them avaible for all media player which use ffmpeg.

I guess that just the ffmpeg version in Debian lacks those features because
of patent issue. So it might make sense to try the corresponding packages
from debian-multimedia.org as proposed in another mail in this thread.

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