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Re: apt-get install synaptic / sources.list

On Sat, Apr 28, 2007 at 10:06:25PM +0100, somethin2cool wrote:
> Joe Hart wrote:
> >I warn you again though, this is not a good idea.  You'd be better off
> >downloading the tarball from the developers' web site and compiling it
> >that you would by trying to use apt to pull in a package from sarge.
> >The packages there are old, and have very different dependencies.
> Yeah I know. My argument would be that I'm tired of sepnding every 
> evening and weekend trying to install things. I *could* rant about that, 
> but instead I think I will log my experiences and turn it into a guide.

Well - you do seem very active on this list. But without more
information, I cannot help here... But by mixing sarge and etch and
home-rolled tarballs, you're heading for problems the rest of us rarely

> If i use a tarball, i have to wait for an error message, go get a 
> dependancy, try again, get another, try again... and this is fine by all 
> developers minds. To mine it is not. There is a problem.

Not necessarily - a decent tar-ball comes with a README file which
details the dependencies...

> Bet you'd all be shocked if I came up with the perfect solution ;-)

A bit :-) We've got a great solution already: apt, aptitude, synaptic
etc.  But if you come up with something better, I'm willing to give it
a go. But it's got to beat apt and aptitude!

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