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Report: trouble with pcmcia disk drive?

If you've been having trouble getting your pcmcia disk drive found
recently, as I have, the problem may well be with the latest udev. A
line in its persistent.rules disables such drives because udev does
not know how to handle them. After flailing around, I finally
downgraded from udev 0.105-4 all the way back to 0.098-2, and now I
get the usual dmesg report, 

ide4 at 0x5100-0x5107,0x510e on irq 3
hdi: max request size: 128KiB
hdi: 125184 sectors (64 MB) w/2KiB Cache, CHS=978/4/32
 hdi: hdi1
ide-cs: hdi: Vpp = 0.0

When I have time, I'll either spend the time to learn how to write
udev rules, or maybe go up through successive versions and see where
the trouble began. Or -- who knows -- maybe the udev developers will
fix it before I get around to such desparate measures?

Anyway, just a report from a not-very-knowledgeable user for others
who may be in the same boat.

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