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Re: kernel recompile compile

Le mercredi 2 mai 2007 12:40, Andrew Critchlow a écrit :
> Can anyone tell me how to, or point me to a good website that tells you how
> to recompile/compile a kernel? The normal way? and the debian way? I need
> to be able to add and remove built in modules of the kernel such as remove
> network card driver and add wireless card driver etc.
> Many thanks.
> Andrew.

- Here's a good starting point (found on tldp.org, a good start for anything 
related to linux) :


it's not completely finished, but was enough for me

- the kernel sources themselves contain a lot of useful infos

- for the debian way, there are two sections in the reference manual which 
give some pointers, but I never did it this way, so I can't say much about 
that :



Finally just two hints before you start :

- before anything, get a good live cd (I suggest knoppix or debian live) to 
repair the disaster which will probably happen ;)

- don't read too much and do it, it's much easier than it might seem...


Cédric Lucantis

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