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Re: From "Etch" to Testing ("Lenny") [ANSWERED]

andy wrote:
Has anyone any experience yet in changing their sources.list from "etch" (back) to "testing" (i.e. "Lenny")? If so, has it been a smooth transition, any problems or gotchas?

I suppose, more generally, when is a good time to switch if one wants an up-to-date system, albeit not bleeding edge and unstable? Are there any criteria for making such a decision, or is it really just the user's own preferences?

Thanks in advance

Hi all

I decided what the heck, and dived right in, changed my sources.list to testing, ran update and then dist-upgrade. I rebooted once all was done and am finding things just fine.

Nothing like learning from experience.


"If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers." - Thomas Pynchon, "Gravity's Rainbow"

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