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acidrip crashes

From 2 weeks ago acidrip doesn't work in my debian Sid --now rip with k3b, but 
acidrip is faster.

When I push the «Load» button in order to see and select DVD tracks, acidrip 
crash with this error:

$ acidrip
Argument "\x{30}\x{2c}..." isn't numeric in numeric lt (<) 
at /usr/share/perl5/AcidRip/signals.pm line 188.
Pango-WARNING **: shape engine failure, expect ugly output. the offending font 
is 'DejaVu Sans Not-Rotated 0' at /usr/bin/acidrip line 60.
Violació de segment (segmentation fault)

$ acidrip --version
AcidRip - Version 0.14 "Written" by Chris Phillips [email deleted]

I've googled, but no workarounds.  Any other experience?  Thanks :)




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