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Re: webcam model for etch

On Monday 30 April 2007 21:29, Marcelo Chiapparini wrote:
> Hello!
> I have installed etch in a sony vaio notebook with success. Now, I want
> to install a webcam on it. I have looking the Webcam HOWTO
> http://www.linux.com/howtos/Webcam-HOWTO
> and I think that a SPCA50X or OmniVision based model would be fine...
> However, I will appreciate very much any advice from user of this
> list...
> Thanks in advance!
> Marcelo

We're not ignoring you Marcelo. I picked up a webcam from the Aldi , a Lifetec 
LT9388, which is omnivision, using the ov511 driver. It's not fantastic, but 
acceptable, and they had reduced the price from 25€ to 5€. I bought one on 
the off chance it might work, and it was ok, and as they had some more at the 
reduced price, I bought 2 more as spares.

Back to reality. The omnivision (ov511) ones seem to be ok, but it's probably 
wise to check out the one you're thinking of buying first, to see if it works 
ok on Linux.Few links below.

and for those using PCiA chipset
and another link

It's no doubt worth doing a bit of googling as well.

You may have to set some options to get the webcam to behave. I have camstream 
installed and the webcam displays in colour ok on that, but on xawtv I just 
got greyscale, and I think it was the same on aMSN. I had to add a line 
in /etc/modules as below to get colour in xawtv.

ov511 force_palette=15

All the best.


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