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Re: When USB Harddisk connected, nothing happens

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Lars de Bruin wrote:
> Hi,
> When i connect my Maxtor OneTouch 500GB III EXT3 , dmesg says there is a
> new device connected:
> Apr 21 21:31:12 localhost kernel: usb 5-5: new high speed USB device
> using address 2
> What happens then is a mistry for me:
> 1. When i run top: id = 100% load
> 2. System load goes up exactly to 2.0 2.0 2.0
> 3. No dev is given to the external harddisk
> 4. I have to reboot to see the external harddisk
> 5. cat /proc/usb/devices my terminal hangs
> 6. lsusb my terminal hangs
> This is not the way it should be.
> The disk is 100% ok and tested on a Ubuntu Laptop, and i have run fschk.
> Server:
> Debian Sarge (updated)
> kernel-image-2 2.6.8-16
> 2x 160GB (Software Mirror) md0
> 2x 200GB (Software Mirror) md1
> 2GB Memory
I would suggest upgrading the Sarge Server to Etch.  Etch uses udev,
which should work much better with newer hardware.  Comparing a process
on Ubuntu and a process on Sarge is not really fair because Ubuntu has
much newer packages than Sarge does, even when it is fully updated.


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