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Re: Debian User List

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Paul Johnson wrote:
> s. keeling wrote in Article <slrnf10i50.t63.keeling@heretic.spots.ab.ca>
> posted to gmane.linux.debian.user:
>> Nah, the kids these days think MLs are old hat and frumpy compared to
>> web forums.

I avoid web forums--the intelligence level is nowhere *near* as high as
on mailing lists* and it's much harder to be part of a community
there--you're more likely to go there whining for help and nothing else,
whereas on a mailing list there's more give and take--if you see the
postings as you're reading your e-mail in the morning, you might have
something to contribute to a discussion--then the people there are more
willing to help you when you need help.

Web forums are philistine for the most part, IMHO. I don't know of very
many major projects where developers hang out on at the forums, most of
the time the smart users and developers are found on the mailing lists.

> No, kids are lazy and don't want to learn how to research, or do the
> research themselves.
>> You can't point and click on anything in slrn or mutt. 
> Isn't that why there's icedove, sylpheed, kmail...?

The mail user agent interface is vastly more conducive to coherent
discussion, especially when everyone follows basic conventions for
things like quoting.

phpBB isn't even threaded, for gosh sakes. Have you ever tried to find
the information you need in a 180-page web forum post?

Not to mention it's search function is absolutely god-awful.

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