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incorrect times displayed

My Etch machine is displaying incorrect dates.  When I first installed Etch
(as testing, 1/21/07), this was not a problem.  I did not notice what
precipitated the problem.  I have not reinstalled since 1/21/07 but have kept
current with updates.

My local time is US/Eastern Daylight.  When it was 11:58 EDT, I called
"date".  It reported

  Sun Apr 22 07:58:12 EDT 2007

i.e. 4 hours earlier than local time.  (Note that GMT would be 4 hours later,
not earlier.)

At 11:30, I created a file on a flash drive.  The create time was shown as
7:30.  I then moved the flash drive to an old Red Hat machine that displays
times correctly.  On that machine, the create time for the same file was
shown as 11:30.

I am running NTP, which is probably irrelevant.

The following, though, may be relevant:

  The BIOS displays the correct local time.
  tzconfig -> Your current time zone is set to US/Eastern
  /etc/defaults/rcS:  UTC=no
    (rcS has not been modified since installation)

If anyone can help me to get the correct times displaying again, I'd be

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