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Re: security for a home system

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Greg Folkert wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-04-21 at 21:55 +0200, Joe Hart wrote:
>> Perhaps one of the gurus in this field will take the opportunity to
>> explain why having a root console open all the time is a bad thing
>> (other than the obvious local accessibility).  My backups take a while,
>> that's why I do it.
> To address that particular concern. That is what "screen" is for. It
> allows you to detach from a console and logout.

See, I knew it would happen.  Thanks Greg.  I forgot all about screen.
I used to use that for hellanzb, but recently have changed over to
running it as a user from a konsole session, and since I can open as
many konsole windows as I want, it hurts nothing leaving it running there.

For those reading this that don't know what hellanzb is, it is an
automatic binary newsgroup downloader for .nzb files.  It downloads,
checks parity and uncompresses all with no user intervention.  A very
handy little utility.  Screen is also a very handy utility.  Shame on me
for forgetting its existence.


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