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Re: Debian Etch LAMP

Steven Maddox (Cyorxamp) wrote:
Hi folks,

I am using Debian 4.0 as my new server - yey!

I have installed it using the XFCE cd as I love XFCE and I am/will be using freenx to control it as well as SSH (whenever I get freenx working - grr)

SO! What I need is to install all LAMP related packages to get this up to spec, also any recommendations on open source control panels that work well with debian

Any ideas?

Try something like
apt-get install -s -V libapache-mod-php5 apache php5 mysql-server-5.0 php5-mysql
for apache1 with php5 & mysql5
If you're running gallery2 you may want to add
apt-get install -s -V netpbm ffmpeg dcraw jhead zip unzip imagemagick php5-gd

For some reason if you don't have libapache-mod-php5 first it pulls in libapache2-mod-php5 and some apache2 dependencies.

Good luck

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