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dhcpd.conf questions

I'm setting up a new machine to act as a proxy / NAT / gateway / firewall machine for my little network.

eth1 is my internal network card and eth2 is the external interface.

I need to tell dhcp not to worry about eth2, which apparently is a command line thing - I can't see how to configure it for start-up at boot. There's no mention of the option in the dhcpd.conf documentation.

Of course I could put it in the sysv init script for dhcpd, but that's not exactly standard for config items in linux I thought.

There is a reference to dhcpd working out itself whether an interface is non-broadcast, in which case it won't listen for broadcast dhcp requests. but other than that, I can't see what the option could be.

Secondly, once I get this issue resolved, what IP address should I allocate the internal interface? Presumably will be fine?

And lastly, how do I set up the server to do DNS just for my LAN - I mean for example I want to be able to ssh from one machine to another by the host names I've given them.


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