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Re: Deb 4.0 - Samba -> NTFS

Randy Patterson wrote:

I have a home network with a Win Adv. Ser. 2003 box connected to my Deb Box. Everything is working as it should with no problem connecting through Samba. the permissions on the share in the Win Box, an NTFS partition, is set to allow full control to my user login. I have mounted the network share to a local directory on the Deb system /home/randy/wwwroot. The only problem is I can't write to the directory. I have read about the lack of write support to an NTFS partition so am I to understand that this applies when using Samba as well or is there a way I can get around this problem?


How are you mounting the samba share on the debian box? AFAIK you need to specify the mount options to allow write access for your user, the default is read only. This is not a limitation of NTFS write as the host win box does the writing to the disk.



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