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Re: dumb questions about video editing and camcorders...

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On 04/13/07 10:39, Michael Fothergill wrote:
> Dear Debianists,
> I thought about buying a camcorder to make some films for a project at
> work.
> I then began to wonder about using video editing software.  I thought it
> would be useful to add subtitles to some footage and make diagrams and
> other visual aids that I could add to conventional footage.  It would
> also tidy up the footage I got.
> i.e. nothing too complex or fancy, but useful in my case.
> Here are the dumb questions:
> I use an AMD64 Sempron 3200 box with 512 MB of RAM.  I have an 80 GB ATA
> drive in it.  At the moment it uses on board graphics.
> It is running Debian Etch 4.0 r0 AMD 64 official release.
> If I would think of doing something with a camcorder would you recommend
> upgrading with e.g. more RAM and a graphics card?

What kind of on-board graphics.  A very modern nvidia mobo chip
might cut it, but your best bet is a $50 nvidia card.

512MB RAM *might* cut it.

DV straight from a camcorder is 17GB/hour.  And authoring tools use
lots of scratch files.  You may very well have to get a 2nd disk drive.

> There seem to be different kinds of graphics cards AGP and PCI or
> something.  What is the difference between the two?

You apparently aren't a typical d-u reader, are you... :)

If your computer is a year or more old, it has an AGP slot for a
video card.  Perfectly adequate for anything but high-def gaming.


> I also noticed that there is a distribution based Debian called LIVES
> that is supposed to be set up for video editing.  But it didn't seem to
> offer a way to port the video editing featues on to regular Debian (e.g.
> Etch) itself.
> There are also programs such as cinelerra and LIVE and things like
> Blender that could be used to edit camcorder footage and enhance it.
> In Etch itself some of these programs seem to have been made into
> packages. But there doesn't seem to be a Debian package that combines
> them all into one grand editing suite....

That's not The Unix Way.

Kino (which makes it very easy to pull video from your FireWire
camcorder) and dvdauthor will get you started.

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