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Re: Remote desktop client - OSX

On Thu, Apr 12, 2007 at 09:01:24PM +0100, Hans du Plooy wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-04-12 at 18:53 +0100, Hans du Plooy wrote:
> > On Thu, April 12, 2007 17:33, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
> > > Hmmm.  Now you have me thinking.  I have only used it once on my Mac.  I
> > > am relatively certain that they licensed RDP.  I seem to recall that
> > > they advertise you can connect to a Mac from Windows using remote
> > > desktop, which would make it a near certainty that it is RDP.
> > 
> > Will be excellent if it is RDP - I much prefer it to the VNC variants.
> Alas, it's not RDP.  port 3389 is not open (unless it's running on
> something else?).  vncviewer connects, but disconnects again.



It looks like it is in fact not RDP.  It also costs $299 for a 10 system
license or $499 for unlimited.

Well, if you are on a fast local network, VNC isn't so bad.


Roberto C. Sánchez

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