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Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> Alain SECOND wrote:
>> Thanks, Debian-marketing !!!!
>> 2 hours wasted for that!!!
>> the basic user is stupid; the admnistrator thinks for him !!!
>> By default, PLEASE peace to the normal user!!!!!!
>> KDE has the right tools, debian brokes them. For what?????
> What exactly is broken? Are there any errors in the excerpt of
> /usr/share/doc/kdm/README.Debian that you quote?
> For the sake of other readers, if you quote, please give a reference. A
> certain amount of guesswork is required to find that what quote is form
> that file.
> Thanks,
> Johannes

I went through this too, and it took me quite a while to figure out what
the override was doing and where how to fix it.  IIRC, there was a bug
about this that said it was confusing, and IMO, it got closed without
making it less confusing.

What it boils down to is that if someone wants to theme kdm, they try
install the kdm theme that they want through the theme manager in
kcontrol and they get a popup window that explains that there is a
override.  What worked for me was to remove that /etc/defaults/kdm.d and
the theme manger worked.

I find it much easier to just use the theme manager like KDE designed it.

I have a feeling this was implemented for the unified look.

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