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Re: Portable Debian?

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Mirco Piccin wrote:
> Hi!
> Well, for xmas i do something like that as gift for my customers.
> I prepare a usb with many tiny linux distro bootable via usb and with
> grub (to choice the preferred distro).
> There are a lot of minimal linux distro, and many are debian based
> (DamnSmallLinux, Knoppix, for example).
> I think that for your aim you must use a live distro.
> It's quite easy to use a live distro in a usb device.
> You can :
> - format usb devices as fat:
> # mkfs.vfat -n <volumename> -F 16 <usbdevice_partition (/dev/sda1, for
> example)>
> - mount the live cd iso and usb device:
> # mount -o loop <iso> <mount point>
> # mount -t vfat <usbdevice_partition> <usbdevice_partition_mountpoint>
> - copy all content  to  usb device.
> # cp -a <iso mount point>/* <usbdevice_partition_mountpoint>
> -if it's a livecd, probably use syslinux/isolinux to boot, so  find
> syslinux.bin and syslinux.cfg (in root directory) OR isolinux.bin and
> isolinux.cfg  (in /boot directory);
> if you find isolinux.* in /boot directory, copy those files in root
> directory, renaming those in syslinux.*:
> # cd <usbdevice_partition_mountpoint>
> # cp boot/isolinux.bin syslinux.bin
> # cp boot/isolinux.cfg syslinux.cfg
> (you can modifiy syslinux.cfg to change default boot delay, background,
> font or to add another distro)
> - umount usb device:
> # cd
> # umount <usbdevice_partition>
> - and make it bootable with syslinux:
> # syslinux <usbdevice_partition, /dev/sda1 for example>
> Hope it helps you!

That is certainly simpler than the procedure I pointed out with the
link, but doing this will not allow the OP to customize the distro with
only the apps that he wants.  However, if he can find a LiveCD that has
everything he needs, and it fits on his USB stick, then I see no reason
why something like this wouldn't work.

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