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Re: Desktop user: Etch or the next testing?

On Mon, Apr 02, 2007 at 02:10:08PM +0800, Wei Chen wrote:
> You know that Etch is about to release. This means that new features and
> software will not get into it any more.
> So what is a better choice now, to stick to Etch or to switch to the
> next testing? I am not sure which is more important for desktop users,
> stability or new features.

Use etch until such time that etch no longer does what you need it to.
Then, if you feel it's worth it, switch to lenny (the next testing I
believe). It may be that backports or something similar would do you.

> I think there might be some people with similar problem/experience with
> me. What is your plan/suggestion?  Thank you.

I plan on doing the above. That said I'm still on sarge and don't really
lack for anything except for the odd thing like mplayer etc which I grab
from sources outside of debian anyway (like www.debian-multimedia.org).

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