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Re: Pronunciation of common Linux-related words

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On 04/02/07 03:19, Dave Ewart wrote:
> On Sunday, 01.04.2007 at 16:12 -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
>>>>> Most people I know pronounce this "post-gress" (dropping/ignoring
>>>>> the 'SQL' part at the end).
>>>> And that's wrong.
>>> Steady, Ron: don't accuse people of being "wrong", when there's a
>>> subjective way of pronouncing words!
>> You can call it /Stinking pile of manure/ if you want, but that's
>> *not* the correct way to pronounce PostgreSQL.
> Ron, you don't get it do you?
> The original poster wanted to know the way most people said common
> Unix/Linux words.
> PostgreSQL *is* pronounced "post-gress-ceu-ell" as you keep insisting
> (and with which I am *NOT* disagreeing): however, my point was that
> many, many, many people call is "post-gress", which is an widely-used
> accepted abbreviation.

Accepted by people who don't know better.

Hopefully when they *do* know better they'll pronounce it correctly.

> Should we call you Ronald?

You can.  No problem!  It is, after all, my name.

Ron, Ronnie & Ronny are acceptable derivatives.

> Should I insist people call me David?

If you want.  Some people do.  For example: I know a guy named
Andre' who's parents nicknamed him Andy at a young age.  I met him
when he was grown, married and had a "junior" they called, to avoid
namespace collision, Andre'.

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