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Re: Mach64 - Etch - Xorg & DRI

> > I did manage to get this working with a former linux kernel image of
> > Etch, but I've had no luck with the more recent kernel image of
> > Etch.  

> Would that be 2.4.27?  

I got direct rendering, with the aforementioned driver, running on
2.6.16-2.  I currently have 2.6.18-4, and for some reason the driver
won't install on it (it complains of the modules, or something.)  It
may work on your 2.6.20, but if not, I imagine you could install the
image and headers for 2.6.16-2, then install the Mach64 driver, and run
that when you need direct rendering.

The other thing to consider is just getting a new video card.  Having 
direct rendering from the ATI RagePro Mach64 card sort of allowed me to
play ppracer, but, really, due to how old the card is, it didn't do
much else for me.  Getting a newer card, even if it's a cheap old radeon
card, would work better, I imagine.


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