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Re: GPG and Signing

On Sun, 01 Apr 2007 14:48:54 +0000
Joe Hart <j.hart@orange.nl> wrote:

Hello Joe,

> > You can *send* it them.  They're unlikely to be able to *read* it,
> > though.   :-)
> LOL.  You've got that right.

It's the pedant in me.

> > Since various governments stopped trying to prosecute Phil
> > Zimmerman, conspiracy theorists say that they (the governments)
> > have found a sure-fire algorithm or crack for PGP.
> I kind of thought so.  I also have serious doubts over the real
> security benefits of SELinux specifically because it was developed by
> the NSA. It is not rational that they would design a security system

I hadn't realised that.  Mind you, I've never investigated SELinux, so
it wouldn't have become apparent to me, anyway.

> that they could not access, and then release it to the public.
> I guess that's the pessimist in me thinking that.

I say realist.   ;-)

> > an intellectual exercise.  Visit http://www.distributed.net/ for
> > more info.
> I will.  I wondered why the export of encryption was relaxed so as to

RC5 is an interesting exercise, but serves no real purpose.  Whereas
one of distributed's other projects, OGR, has some real value.

> > Hmmm, I talk to too many conspiracy theorists.......
> Well, with the fact that most internet traffic is being monitored by
> government institutions, I would think that this message is now being
> read by the programs that flag "suspected" mail specifically because
> you mentioned the flagged words.

Maybe, but with every Tom, Dick and Harry using some of those "suspect"
words in their everyday conversations, emails, and texts, they're
probably swamped with stuff.  They must have some way of sifting
through it rapidly.

> Are the thought police real?  I think that some of the new laws

In some ways, they're not necessary.  Consider all the PC (political
correctness) activists;  Are they not trying to force us into certain
though modes?  Kind of like doing Big Brother's job for him.  Unless,
of course, the PC activists *are* the though police.  Hmmm, we're back
to the Illuminati and "hiding in plain view", again.

TBH, I don't think this is a suitable topic for discussion here any
more.  Not because of any potential monitoring, but because there will
be almost as many opinions on the subject as there are people subbed to
the list.   Far too easy for a flame war to erupt.

> I sure will be glad when Etch is released so we can stop talking about
> non-debian stuff like this.  Meanwhile, how's the weather wherever
> you are?


Windy in south-east England.

 Regards  _
         / )           "The blindingly obvious is
        / _)rad        never immediately apparent"

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