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Strange X phenomen since upgrade to X-org

I recently upgraded  a production system from sarge to etch and for the most 
part there were no real surprises. [ Congrats to the developers] I did run 
into a thorny problem that I am unable to figure out. When I switch from the 
xserver to the console screen (ctrl-alt-F1) all is OK, however when I try to 
switch back to the Xsever screen (ctrl-alt-F7) it is always (100% of the 
time) unreadable. The screen seems to be made up of 4 to 6 overlaping images 
that are vertically more narrow than normal. This is my first use of xorg and 
other than that it works OK. I can correct this by restarting the xserver. 
Due to my lack of experience with xorg I need a little help.
John W. Foster

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