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Re: Woohooo! Dell + Linux

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On 03/29/07 06:15, Max Hyre wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
>> There will be a limited number of models and they'll be more
>> expensive (if for no other reason than companies like Symantec can't
>> sell ad space on a Linux desktop).
>    Why the devil shouldn't they be able to sell ad space to Symantec?
> (I presume that's what you mean.)
>    There's no reason in the world at all they shouldn't put up a Gnome
> desktop with icons offering AOL, Symantec, or Joe's Bar & Grill, so long
> as a) AOL et al. give them (Dell) money, and b) AOL writes a version
> which runs on GNU/Linux.  If enough folks buy these boxes, it may become
> worth AOL's while.  After all, Dell's got to sell to Aunt Tillie, too,
> if this thing's going to fly.

There's no AOL client for Linux and no need for Symantec anti-virus

IOW, sure they could try to sell add space on the Linux desktop, but
who would buy it?  Oracle?  Veritas?

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