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Re: kscd doesn't show utf-8 characters

Am Mittwoch, 28. März 2007 schrieb H.S.:
> Hello,
> On Debian Etch, if I listen to an audio CD using Kscd, the application
> doesn't show utf-8 encoded characters. Instead, it shows a series of
> question marks. Information that is in English is shown properly. I have
> selected the UTF-8 option in kscd's configuration menu without success.
> However, that information is shown properly if I output it using
> cdda2wav with -J flag in konsole.
> Any idea what I am missing here?
> ->HS

Maybe you should post that on debian-kde, maybe my hint does help:

If you refer to setting the CDDB answer to utf-8 then my guess is to try 
something else then utf. I never had any album information stored in UTF-8, 
it's more likely to be some bloddy old standard, maybe even some windows 
encoding (since many users contribute using windows). For me trying all known 
encoding schemes for one particular language does help.

If it comes to music (tagging) we are still in prehistorical times.


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