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Re: riped dvd menu

Wackojacko wrote:
gustavo halperin wrote:

I need change the DVD region of my DVDs, What I do is:
 1: make a dvd backup with 'dvdbackup'.
 2: change the region with a rubi's script that I found in the net.
 3: make a dvd image with 'mkisofs'.
 4: try to burn the dvd with 'growisofs'.

The problem is that the image is to big to be burned in the DVD with capacity of 4.7GB. So my idea is to remove the Special Features from the DVD and from the dvd-menu and the burn the DVD.

So my question is How can to be riped the dvd-menu, then rebuild it just with the movie, How to know with files are the "Special Features" and also remove them. And finally make the image and burn it (steep 3 and 4 above).

 Thank you in advance,


K9copy from debian-multimedia does exactly this. You can chose to keep whatever aspects of the original DVD you want and they are recoded to fit a standard DVD.


Thank you, but I'm not sure about K9copy, first K9copy is KDE depend and I prefer don't install programs that are KDE based (also Gnome based to), second looks like K9copy use dvdauthor for the menu issues and dvdauthor can't integrate the original menu and copy and modify or edit it (see link the K9copy page: http://k9copy.sourceforge.net/). So that is my question/problem: Can I extract from the DVD its menu and edit this menu ?

Thank you

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