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Re: apt-get update & upgrade

Jim Hyslop wrote:
I've seen several people on this list recommending that we run 'apt-get
update' and 'apt-get upgrade' on a regular basis. What are your thoughts
on setting up a cron job to do it automatically, say once a month or
once a week?
You might be "safe" to do that on a stable system, but if you're running stable, it's likely on a server, and I would not risk a server's health with such a "risky" automation.

If you're running testing or sid, it's even more risky, as often such a process may introduce removals of large chunks of your system if you're not paying attention.

In short, there's too much that can go wrong if you don't pay attention, so I personally would not go the route of automation. Others may disagree.

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