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Re: You mean like 'chvt' ?

On Saturday 24 March 2007 18:31, Joe Hart wrote:
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> pinniped wrote:
> > You mean like 'chvt' ?
> Oh no! More unreferenced top posts.  What the hell are you talking about?
> Oh wait, it's pinniped.  Should know better by now.
> Joe

He appears to have a problem understanding the differences between a mailing 
list and a forum. On a forum this way of replying is no problem, although 
many folks do quote the previous reply so as there is some context to what 
they are replying to.

I don't know the correct words for this, but it appears that some replies to 
forums are also appearing on mailing lists (this one for example) , but makes 
it extremely difficult to follow the discussion.

I suppose we just have to go with it. If we are perplexed about a one-liner 
reply with no context it's just one click to delete it, and the guy/gal 
that's looking for help loses out.


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