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Re: How to run fetchmail as daemon at startup

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On 03/22/07 09:39, Jochen Schulz wrote:
> Ron Johnson:
>> On 03/22/07 08:18, Jochen Schulz wrote:
>>> Ron Johnson:
>>>> On 03/22/07 08:03, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
>>>>> To make it start up as user, edit your crontab (use `crontab -e`) and
>>>>> put '@startup fetchmail' (no quotes in either case).  Then, whenever
>>>>> your machine starts up, it should start fetchmail for you.
>>>> Shouldn't it also put a symlink in /etc/rc3.d ?
>>> No. Things in crontabs are started by cron (d'ouh!). And cron itself is
>>> already started by an init script.
>> I think you're wrong.  My system does fetchmail startup using runlevels.
> Yes, mine does that, too. But: if every user needing fetchmail has a
> .fetchmailrc and the crontab entry mentioned above (minus the typo), you
> do not need the system-wide daemon. That's the situation I was referring
> to (and which I quoted).
> If your /etc/fetchmailrc is empty anyway, you can edit
> /etc/default/fetchmail to disable the system-wide fetchmail daemon
> altogether. This solution has the advantage, that every user can manage
> his/her own POP accounts (without the admin knowing their passwords),
> but the disadvantage is that you have a fetchmail process for every
> user.

Are you talking about having a fetchmail daemon for *each* user?

> J.

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