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Re: "I do consider Ubuntu to be Debian" , Ian Murdock

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Steve Lamb wrote:
> Joe Hart wrote:
>> If Ubuntu = Debian, then one could install Ubuntu packages on one's
>> Debian system.  They could install Debian packages on their Ubuntu.
>> While some might work, the majority of them will not.  Why not?  Because
>> Ubuntu is not Debian.  They are similar, I'll give you that.
>     Er are you sure you're both speaking on the same level?  I mean
> technically your correct but from what I can tell from the quote Ian might not
> be talking strictly in the technical sense.  He may, in fact, be talking about
> the ideal of Debian and not pure technical specs.  If that is the case Ubuntu
> can indeed equal Debian.

I think I may have gotten a bit carried away because of Ben's Ubuntu
question in a different thread at the same time.

Technically, I can say that Ian was completely correct because I know of
at least 2 people that started with Ubuntu and are now running Debian.
I am sure there are a lot more.  I was one of them.

There are probably people who used to run Debian and are now running
Ubuntu.  It doesn't matter the slightest.  What matters is that they
don't go back to the mainstream operating system that likes to limit
what we can and can't do with our computers.

As for the philosophical side, Debian based systems are quite popular
because of the great packaging system.  Ubuntu has allowed many more
people to get familiar with the Debian system, and for that I am
thankful, otherwise I would not be writing this message today.


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