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How to install PHP5 using aptitude?

I tried to install PHP5 (both as an Apache module and as a
standalone), but this command:

# aptitude search php5
v   libapache-mod-php5              -
v   libapache2-mod-php5             -
v   php5                            -
v   php5-cgi                        -
v   php5-cli                        -
v   php5-fcgi                       -
v   php5-gd                         -
v   php5-mysql                      -
v   php5-mysqli                     -

shows that all PHP5 packages are "virtual"-- they're only used to
satisfy dependencies.

Can I install PHP5 using aptitude, or do I have to download it and
install it the "hard way" (untar it, "sh configure && make && make

Same question for other virtual packages. Am I searching for PHP5
incorrectly? Can I edit my aptitude config file to search other
repositories that are more likely to have PHP5 and other packages?

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