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I need to see the lowest level signal coming from my keyboard

I have a keyboard that does not seem to deliver Ctrl+Alt+RightArrow.
It does deliver Ctrl+Alt+LeftArrow.  I have inspected with "xev" and
found that each of the key up and key downs are detected for the first
key combination, but the RightArrow up and down actions show no event
when both the Ctrl and Alt keys are down.  (events are shown when only
one of the modifier keys are used.)

I need to start with the lowest level of trouble shooting.   I don't
care about pretty scan codes.  I want to see nasty binary gook come
off the bus for every key I press.  This way I can see if the keyboard
is the problem.

Is there a way that I can get a stream of the data on which the driver
is making its decisions?  I have to rule out the driver as an point of

Please advise.

.!# RichardBronosky #!.

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